Qualification awarded
Associate degree in Dance
Length of the programme
24 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Associate degree
Dutch, with parts in English, English
  • Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts
  • Groningen


Profile of the programme

Graduate pop/show/musical dancers are performing artists who are trained in dancing, singing and acting. They also have specific expertise within the performing art forms of pop dance, show dance and musical dance. Singing and acting are strong supporting elements in these forms of dance. The AD in Dance trains young performing artists who are mainly involved in performance-related roles within the professional field. These performing artists are cast in professional productions within specific roles based on their particular talent, age, sex and performance abilities. Graduates possess the basis knowledge required to pursue further study at Bachelor level.

Learning outcomes

Graduates have the capacity to acquire opinions and convictions in their own discipline and feel an inner need to communicate these and put them into practice in dance productions.

Creative (artistic) ability:
Graduates are able to implement concepts and artistic ideas (of the choreographer) in dance and musical theatre. Graduates visually express a creative interpretation at the direction of others.

Graduates are able to apply a wide range of instrumental skills and traditional knowledge in their work.

Analytical & assimilating ability:
Graduates are able to analyse artistic products as well as processes of dance and musical theatre, and to apply them in their work in a professional manner.

Innovative ability:
Graduates are able to explore possibilities and carry out practical research within the professional field of performing arts.

Reflective capacity:
Graduates are able to reflect on their own actions.

Learning capacity:
Graduates have the capacity to learn and continue to develop.

Environmental awareness:
Graduates are able to identify relevant environmental factors and use them in their professional field.

Entrepreneurial ability:
Graduates are able to establish a professional presence independently within the world of performing arts.

Communicative capacity:
Graduates are able to conduct themselves in a professional manner within various professional contexts, both in speech and in writing.

​Capacity to cooperate:
Graduates visually express artistic concepts and ideas, both independently and at the direction of others.