Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Science
Length of the programme
48 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Dutch, with parts in English
  • School of Communication, Media & IT
  • Groningen

Information & Communication Technology

Profile of the programme

Hanze UAS's HBO-ICT programme trains students to become ICT professionals capable of taking on a specialist role based on their solid grounding in ICT. These professionals can be rapidly and effectively deployed within the professional field. The curriculum is designed to ensure a balance between this solid grounding and ongoing development. We offer our students a solid basis of knowledge in combination with an inquisitive 8 mindset, ensuring that they have the desire and ability to keep up with the latest developments after graduation. In addition to expertise, the business community needs ICT professionals with a broad range of professional skills. In order to meet this need, the degree programme has added two activities to the HBO-ICT model: research and communication. The high degree of integration between devices, information systems and organisations necessitates professionals with a critical and inquisitive mindset and a focus on collaboration.

Learning outcomes

The  HBO-ICT graduate is able to:
  1. Analyse: Analysing processes, products and information flows as well as their interrelationships and environmental context.
  2. Advise: Providing advice on the restructuring of processes and/or information flows and ICT systems to be developed or purchased in future on the basis  of analysis and consultations with stakeholders.
  3. Design: Designing an ICT system on the basis of specifications and predetermined frameworks.
  4. Implement: Building an ICT system on the basis of design specifications and predetermined frameworks.
  5. Manage & Control: Managing all activities associated with the process of development, implementation and use of ICT systems.
  6. Communicate: Communicating, both in writing and orally, in a clear, convincing, effective, and target-group oriented manner.
  7. Research: Substantiating the development of his/her ICT professional product for application in a specified context, by means of applied research in which data are collected and analysed systematically and methodically.