Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Arts
Length of the programme
48 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Dutch, with parts in English, English
  • Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts
  • Amsterdam


Profile of the programme

Graduate pop/theatre/musical dancers are performing artists who are trained in dancing, singing and acting. They also have specific expertise within the performing art forms of pop dance, theatre dance and musical dance. Singing and acting are strong supporting elements in these forms of dance. Graduates possess a high degree of artistry, skill, multidisciplinarity and enterprise. In addition, graduates are required to form a clear personal vision on the theatre sector as well as to have developed self-management skills and learning competences. LMIPA trains students for an international professional field. Nearly all graduates have gained experience abroad. In this light, it is LMIPA’s vision that a broad, international outlook is required for starting professionals.

Learning outcomes

Graduates have the capacity to acquire opinions and convictions in their own discipline and feel an inner need to communicate these and put them into practice in dance and musical theatre productions. Graduates follow their ambitions in performing arts; they love their calling and are passionate. They work based on a vision of performing arts and can explain this in a professional way.

Creative capacity:
Graduates are able to give meaning to an artistic work based on their own artistic vision.

Graduates use wide-ranging instrumental skills and knowledge in their work in a disciplined manner.

Inquiring and reflective capacity:
Graduates use research and reflection to come to achieve understanding and gain knowledge of their professional performance and can implement this in an artistic and social context.

Capacity for growth and innovation:
Graduates are able to continue to develop and enhance their artistry and working methods, thereby contributing to the development of the discipline and society.

Capacity for enterprise and organisation:
Graduates can effectively pursue their ambitions in an interdisciplinary and international professional field within the performing arts.

Communicative capacity:
Graduates are capable of effective interaction within diverse professional contexts.

​Capacity to cooperate:
Graduates contribute constructively, based on their own position, to the achievement of an artistic product or process.