Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Science
Length of the programme
48 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Dutch, with parts in English
  • School of Health Care Studies
  • Groningen

B Speech and Language Therapy

Profile of the programme

The Speech and Language Therapy programme is a four-year accredited degree programme. This programme trains students for a career as a Speech and Language Therapist.
The Speech and Language Therapy degree programme prepares students for a knowledge-intensive, dynamic society, which demands Speech and Language Therapists who are versatile and contribute actively to the dissemination of knowledge about their profession and field of study. Its students are capable of efficiently mastering the knowledge and skills which will in turn enable them to serve their clients.
The labour market requires Speech and Language Therapists who are able to take goal-oriented and evidence-based action in varied and unfamiliar situations. In addition to professional knowledge, they must also possess an inquisitive attitude and communicative capacity, the ability to cooperate with others, analytical and methodical thinking skills; in short, the ability to work in a problem-solving fashion. To that end, the Speech and Language Therapy programme offers students professional training based on a job-oriented curriculum. It does so by realising a strong degree of horizontal integration between theory, practice and reflection. By providing students with increasingly complex training in a realistic and motivating professional context, and by introducing variety in the instructional modes with job-oriented content, it is possible to guarantee an inspiring workplace in the classroom. Through the vertical structure and cohesion of its educational content, the degree programme strives to enhance self-direction in order to yield responsible professionals.

Learning outcomes

The exit level is based on the CanMEDS roles (Canadian Medical Education Directives for Specialists) and has been set out in the 'Professional Profile for the Bachelor's in Speech and Language Therapy in the Netherlands (2017)'. All the various roles of the Speech and Language Therapist are shown in the flower's petals (see Fig. 1). The role of Speech and Language Therapist is the heart of the bloom and forms the core of the Professional Profile. In this role, the Speech and Language Therapist integrates the other roles while applying their speech and language therapy-related knowledge, skills as well as professional values in the provision of high-quality, safe and patient-oriented care.


B Speech and Language Therapycredits

Main Phase 90