Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Science
Length of the programme
48 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Dutch, with parts in English
  • School of Health Care Studies
  • Groningen

B Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

Profile of the programme

Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (MBRT) is a four-year accredited degree programme that trains students to become a Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy professional.
The degree programme prepares students for the future. Changes in society and health care that involve a shift away from care and illness towards behaviour and health require entrepreneurship, ICT literacy, lifelong learning, language skills, knowledge of technology, multi- and interdisciplinary cooperation and research skills, in addition to professional knowledge and skills. The professional field is an important partner and is involved both in the degree programme and the development and delivery of the educational content. Applied research is a collaboration between students, lecturers, the professional field and related organisations with the aim of applying research outcomes in the professional field and in education.
Together with its international partners, the degree programme offers study programmes and exchanges for both students and lecturers. A substantial proportion of students gain experience of working abroad by means of a work placement. In this way, the degree programme ensures that working abroad becomes a realistic option for MBRT alumni. The degree programme offers students various study paths that enable them to maximise their talents. A graduation profile in Clinical Neurophysiology is also possible.
The lecturers practice blended teaching, e.g. by using Blackboard as a digital learning environment. The degree programme prioritises direct contact between students and lecturers, as this encourages a small-scale approach and lowers thresholds.

Learning outcomes

The Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy curriculum is based on the following seven professional roles
  • Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Expert
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Leader
  • Health Advocate
  • Scholar
  • Professional
These professional roles are derived from the Canadian Medical Education Directions for Specialists (CanMEDS). This framework of professional roles provides a leading global standard for the training of medical specialists and is also applied to other forms of health care training. The framework is recognised and valid both nationally and internationally.
For each professional role, exit-level learning outcomes have been determined for the professional profile pursued by the student over the course of the degree programme.



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