Course: European Business Plan Project 2 credits: 5

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European Business Plan Project 2
Study year
ECTS credits
J. van der Sluis
Modes of delivery
  • Education
  • Assignment - Assignment

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Understand the key principles, components and interactions of strategic business planning
  • Identify and assess major business model shifts that will create more added value and relevance to customers
  • Understand and apply multidisciplinary components & tools and how these impact on and interact with an integrated Business Plan.
  • Develop an integrated European Business Plan related to the circular economy and with a product or service stream between two European countries.
  • Build content, present and critically reflect on final output through installing an innovation mindset, active group collaboration and teamwork.  
Competencies from the IB Programme Learning Outcomes (level 3):
WT 1, WT 2, WT 3, WW 7, LW 10, LW 14, TWM 24


The course aims to install a holistic perspective on strategic business planning within the business environment of the European Union (EU-27); to rethink current business models and to inspire students to  shift from linear to circular and from traditional pipeline to platform business models and with an integrated multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. marketing, supply chain management, finance).

Included in programme(s)


  • International Business School