Course: Managing Individuals credits: 15

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Managing Individuals
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Dutch, with parts in English
M.M. van Dalen
Modes of delivery
  • Assignment
  • TEST-01 - Assignment

Learning outcomes

  1. The student connects verbally and non-verbally with the coachee (making a report) and demonstrates this in a coaching conversation.
  2. The student provides direction and guidance to the conversation on the basis of an (existing/renowned/recognized?) coaching method.
  3. The student continues to question and realizes insight into the coachee's views, convictions, values, opinions, etc. (below the waterline).
  4. The student justifies his own actions on the basis of relevance theory in a report.
  5. The student reflects on his own actions and identifies points for development and improvement.


In this module we focus on the manager as manager of individual employees in a team. You learn how to promote adequate job performance and how to develop the qualities of employees. We pay attention to what is the most desirable leadership style in your situation, given the team you are dealing with, the management philosophy of the organization and your own personality. You learn how to conduct different types of conversations. Make conscious choices for coaching, inspire, direct or intervene and switch between the different roles (leader, manager, coach) you have. You learn to deal with resistance from an employee. An important part is training coaching skills.

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Health Care Studies