Course: Orientation: Management credits: 15

Course code
Orientation: Management
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
R.W.L. Kersjes
Modes of delivery
  • Assignment
  • - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

  1. The student can describe the functioning of a team on the basis of his own experiences. 
  2. The student is able to form an opinion with regard to management based on real situations. 
  3. The student is able to communicate by adopting points of view and arguing them with the aim of reaching agreement. 
  4. The student is able to name examples and form an opinion about activities in the field of improvement, plan, coordinate and monitor progress with the aim of effective collaboration between employees.


To acquire basic knowledge in the field of communication skills and functioning within a team. 

Within the team, the professional practitioner gains experience with forms of consultation and decision-making processes, collaboration, giving feedback and questions and team building. Within the team, he will also experience and contribute to shaping changes and innovations as a result of new policies. 

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Health Care Studies