Course: Orientation: Professional Field and Profession credits: 15

Course code
Orientation: Professional Field and Profession
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
R.W.L. Kersjes
Modes of delivery
  • Assignment
  • - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

  1. The student is able to indicate with examples how direction and direction has been given to his own learning process. 
  2. The student can name examples of himself in which feedback has been converted into changes in actions or behaviour 
  3. The student is able to identify and assess his or her own performance in the profession (strengths and weaknesses) and make points for development from this


This module deals with functioning as a professional practitioner. In addition to substantive knowledge of the profession and the field of work, the professional practitioner is also expected to justify the quality of his own actions and to increase personal effectiveness; he will be supervised/coached in that context and/or supervise trainees or newcomers himself 

During this module, the professional practitioner experiences what it is like to work within the field of health care or welfare as a professional. This is done by an internship and/or work experience in which reflection on one's own actions and further development are demonstrated.

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Health Care Studies