Course: Team-oriented Management credits: 15

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Team-oriented Management
Study year
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Dutch, with parts in English
M.M. van Dalen
Modes of delivery
  • Assignment
  • TEST-01 - Assignment

Learning outcomes

  1. The student applies relevant team analysis models methodically in determining the team functioning of his own team.
  2. The student formulates substantiated objectives based on his own analysis, in which improvement of task maturity is central.
  3. Using relevant theory, the student estimates his/her own influence as a manager and integrates the intended own development in the improvement plan.
  4. The student carefully interprets the results of his own team analysis.
  5. The student determines improvement actions based on a substantiated vision on team development and based on the concrete results of his own analysis, whereby long-term team development is the starting point.
  6. The student reflects on his own actions and identifies points for development and improvement.


In this module we analyze the team functioning on the basis of different models in relation to the team objectives. The team objectives are related to the success factors of team development and they are linked to the task maturity and the development phases of the team. Based on insights obtained from the analysis, a team development plan is drawn up, after which the focus shifts to possible interventions to improve functioning. You will also learn to create support for successful quality improvements.

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  • School of Health Care Studies