Course: Web Based Information Systems credits: 3

Course code
Web Based Information Systems
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
M.A. Noback
Modes of delivery
  • Practical / Training
  • Web-based Information Systems 1 - Computer, organised by School

Learning outcomes

After successfully attending this course, students will be

  • familiar with the different aspects of web application development; both server- and client-side and the connection between them (http)
  • able to design a web application for a given a problem, and specify the responsibilities and interactions between the different components
  • able to work with Java web technology at a basic level: Servlets, JSP en Tomcat
  • able to design a web application using web-forms, servlet request handling and JSP response presentation
  • able to use a MySQL database as a data layer of a web application
  • able to use Javascript for enhancing client side dynamic behavior and functionality
  • able to use the IntelliJ Idea IDE to perform all of the programming tasks associated with web application development


This course will introduce you to several aspects related to designing and creating a dynamic web application using Java web technology and MySQL for the back-end and Javascript/HTML/CSS for the front-end. You will learn about the following concepts and techniques, how they interact within a modern dynamic web application, and how to apply them:

  • HTTP and its methods GET and POST
  • User authentication and sessions
  • Java web application components: Servlets, JSP, EL, JSTL
  • (MySQL) Database persistence of user data
  • Web application design using the Model View Control design paradigm
  • Front-end dynamic behaviour using Javascript, AJAX, jQuery
  • Organizing project code and data using version control using git and Bitbucket (

beoordeling There will be a 2-hour computer assessment to test your skills and knowledge of the different aspects.


Included in programme(s)


  • Institute for Life Science & Technology