Course: Initiate & Interact credits: 5

Course code
Initiate & Interact
Study year
ECTS credits
D.A.A. Krol
Modes of delivery
  • Lecture
  • Problem-based learning
  • Teaching method 1
  • Tutorial
  • Initiate assignment - Portfolio assessment
  • Interact assignment - Portfolio assessment

Learning outcomes

The student can identify their own ambitions for personal / professional development (of skills) within the context of this module. 
The student can compare and match their own personal qualities and roles within a team with those of other team members. 
The student can identify objective and subjective values of a place in relation to their own values. Specifically:
  1. Categorize subjects and themes,
  2. implement methodologies (e.g. physical 3-7 layer analysis, socio-economic analysis, Footprint analysis)
  3. Evaluate and interpret the outcomes of analytical processes
  4. Distinguish and structure the different steps and processes of a project.


In this minor students learn to work in groups reconnoitring and researching the potential lost spaces within the urban environment. 
The first part of this “Initiate and Interact” pays particular attention to collaborative teamwork, shared ambitions and the activating of individual and collective perspectives, knowledge and talents. 
The second part includes reconnoitring of place and the first steps of investigatory research underpinned by new techniques and methodologies.


  • Institute of Future Environments