Course: Internship credits: 30

Course code
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English, English
B.J. Hoekman
Modes of delivery
  • Work placement
  • Internship - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

You map the user context during the design process of the multimedia products that you design during the internship. You involve the end users and other stakeholders during the process.

You translate the wishes of the end user and other stakeholders into creative concepts for (interactive) multimedia products and you justify the choices made.

You develop various concepts for the internship organisation into interactive prototypes and (partial) products. You use your knowledge of interaction, storytelling, experience, behavioural change and design of multimedia interfaces

When designing and realising your (interactive) multimedia products, you take into account the support base and the later use by the organisation and you justify the choices made.

You validate and refine the design of the products you work on during the internship. You do this by evaluating the user-friendliness and the quality of the user experience with the users through various evaluation methods and techniques.

You go through the research process during the internship in a methodical and easy to follow way, making a responsible choice from a wide range of research methods and techniques.

You show that you can independently plan, implement, monitor and manage.

- You can make an organisational analysis based on different models to map out opportunities within the internship organisation.

- You show that you can connect different roles and disciplines in a team within the internship organisation and call in expert help where necessary.

- You reflect on your learning process and the intended CMD competencies within the internship period on the basis of a personal development portfolio.


The internship is an external learning situation in which you work on the CMD competencies (domain competencies and the professional competencies). You do this within the context of a professional organisation and under the guidance of an experienced CMD professional.

During the internship, the student participates in the day-to-day running of the internship organisation.

You are going to:

Broaden and deepen CMD skills and knowledge
  • Learn to apply this knowledge and skills in practice
  • Learn how a professional organization works
  • Learn to set goals, reflect on them and develop yourself
The duration of the internship is approximately 100 working days (including Internship Event: internship return day). The starting point is a full working week based on the policies of the internship organisation.

During the internship you will work on various assignments that together make up the development portfolio. As evidence for the different competencies, you add products that you have worked on during the internship. At the end of the internship, the internship teacher visits the internship organization to assess the whole by means of a CBI. Halfway through the internship there is a mandatory Internship Event where the student has to give a presentation of his/her internship


  • School of Communication, Media & IT