Course: Game Design credits: 4

Course code
Game Design
Study year
ECTS credits
O.M.N.C. Jansen
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Game Design - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

  • The student is able to generate and manipulate creative concepts for digital interactive prototypes for services and user experiences. The focus is on combining user requirements, user objectives, domain knowledge and tools (media, technology) in a structured format. (A2, A3, C1) 
  • The student uses and experiments with digital tools in order to convey the message of their digital interactive prototype. (C3)
  • The student is able to design concepts and instantiate concepts into prototypes. (B2, C1) 
  • The student is able to gather enthusiasm for his/her design ideas with stakeholders and users. The student is able to convincingly communicate the added value of the innovation/product in an inspiring manner. (G1) 
  • The student evaluates and iterates upon the design in order to achieve the intended goal. (D1) 


Game Design Elective
In the Game Design elective, you will focus on the design and development of levels in games. This course will help you to develop your skills as a game professional. There will be an individual assignment using theories, tools, and skills used in the work field, to relay your knowledge and skills of level design into a working prototype.


As a designer you will come up with an innovative and creative game concept that will show off your skills as a future professional. In a written game design document you will showcase your design with a focus on level design. You will then develop a level of your game in an industry tool to showcase your skills. 

The student will be able to come up with a game concept and translate this into a prototype of a level design while thinking about how the elements of level design work together.


  • School of Communication, Media & IT