Course: Orientation credits: 5

Course code
Study year
ECTS credits
A.B. Boom
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Orientation - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

You are able to independently set up, plan, implement, monitor and manage a design process and make your process transferable in the presentation, using various complex multimedia communication forms and presentation styles.

You have a vision about who you are and how this is expressed in your design and ambitions, you are able to direct yyour own work  and you have control over your own development: you identify your own strengths and weaknesses, you formulate your own learning needs, reflect on these and take responsibility for your own actions.

You have the ability to build your own network. You address your own network for specific knowledge and use the network strategically to achieve your objectives


In this course you will prepare for your future career and reflect on your professional identity. You will do this based on learning objectives. The course consists of various workshops (Hard Skills and Soft Skills) where you work with those learning objectives. You will also take a look at your network, in order to start finding a suitable graduation assignment. You will receive guidance in this. You keep a log during this course, to show what you have done. Finally, you present your progress.

At the beginning of the course you set learning goals for yourself. These can be about skills such as prototyping, but also about expanding your network. During the course you will work on those learning objectives and keep a record of your progress in your log. At the end of this course you will give a presentation to show what you have been working on during this period. You show a working prototype made in a new program, during the last Hard Skills workshop. You also show this during your final presentation. You submit a logbook as a reference.


  • School of Communication, Media & IT