Course: Flex step 12 term CD credits: 5

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Flex step 12 term CD
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Dutch, with parts in English
R. de Haan
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Learning outcomes

Creative ability:
Graduates are able to give meaning to artistic work from their own artistic vision.

Craft ability:
The graduate applies broad instrumental skills and knowledge professionally in his work.

Investigative and reflective ability:
The graduate gains insight and knowledge for his functioning as a professional through research and reflection and can use this in an artistic and social context.

Capacity for growth and development:
The graduate can continuously develop and deepen his artistry and his working method, thereby contributing to the development of the field and society.

Entrepreneurial and organizational capacity:
Graduates can effectively shape their ambitions in an interdisciplinary and (inter) national field of the performing arts.

Communicative ability:
The graduate is capable of effective interaction within a variety of professional contexts.

Ability to cooperate:
The graduate contributes constructively to the realization of an artistic product or process from his position.


Theory Connecting Domain: the theoretical components of this domain are geared towards supporting components of other domains, or they are independent and unrelated to other domain components. In the Field Orientation domain component, for example, students are introduced to a wide variety of forms of art and artistic expression, as well as a broad working environment. A number of theoretical components of this domain are not examined, while a number of components are assessed within the Theatre Theory domain.

Acrobatics helps to optimise physical development and acrobatic skills and supports the various dance techniques. As Acrobatics is taught at various levels, students must first achieve level 1 in step 9 before being allowed to progress to level 2 in step 10. Students who have completed both levels progress automatically to the ‘plus’ levels.

Audition Training
Audition Training prepares students for auditions in the dance and musical-theatre professional field.

Customized Skills
Customized Skills gives students the opportunity to specialise or expand their knowledge in one specific area. Two different specialisations are possible: Dance Technique (A) and Musical Theatre (B). Students must have achieved a mark of at least 7.5 for the relevant domain to be allowed to take the corresponding specialisation. If the marks attained for both domains are higher than 7.5, the student in question will be permitted to choose his specialisation. In the event of a domain mark of less than 7.5, the General Committee will determine the specialisation that a student is to take. Customized Skills is assessed as part of the Customized Skills External Dance & Musical Theatre Exam (CEDEM Exam). For the competences applicable, see: Dance Technique and Musical Theatre.
Dance Analysis
This domain component covers the theory and analysis of ballet, jazz and PTMD techniques.

Creative Development
Creative Development aims to teach students to develop creative products, including how to choreograph, write texts and produce various other performing arts products. This is a cross-domain component without interim exams.

Field Orientation
Field Orientation in steps 9 and 10 aims to help students understand all aspects of their future industry as stage performers and businesspeople, at both the national and the international level. Step 10 focuses on the analysis of performing arts shows. Attention shifts to the individual student in steps 11 and 12.

Management Organisation & Entrepreneurship (MOE)
MOE aims to enable students to gain the theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for project management, giving students the entrepreneurial management and production skills necessary in their field. This component has no interim exams, but it does have a final exam that forms an integrated part of the DIZ Project in step 12 and the Theatre Practical domain.

Performing Knowledge
Among other things, this project puts musical theatre theory and history into practice as an intramural school project.

Personal Development (PD)/Research
PD aims to advise students, whether in collaboration with other students or individually, on their academic careers, when doing research and during projects and exchange programmes.

Personal Performance Skills and Individual Performance Skills
The Personal/Individual Performance Skills component gives students the opportunity to achieve more in-depth personal development and expansion in their industry choices in steps 11 and 12 through individually structured classes. 

Practical International Orientation (in PPS and IPS)
Practical International Orientation gives students the opportunity for more in-depth personal development and expansion in step 12, teaching them to manage themselves as performing artists in the international arena through individually structured classes. 

Skills Exam Coaching (EDEM Skills)
In this domain component, students are coached on the composition of the individual Skills Exam, which is described in the HBO Dance Examination File.

Solfège/Music Theory
Solfège/Music Theory covers the theoretical aspects of Music and involves learning to distinguish musical notes and intervals by ear and reading them from the page. For the competences applicable, see the Theatre Theory domain. Solfège/Music Theory is taught in a number of different modules. Students must complete module 1 in step 9 before being allowed to progress to module 2, etc. Students are required to complete four modules in total.

Tap Dance
Tap Dance serves as a basis for PTMD, but is an independent technique too. For the competences applicable, see the Dance Technique domain. Tap is taught at various levels, requiring students first to attain level 1 in step 9 before being allowed to progress to level 2 in step 10. Students who have completed both levels progress automatically to ‘plus’ levels.

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  • Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts