Course: Electrical Drive Technology credits: 5

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Electrical Drive Technology
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
A. Hoogerwerf
Modes of delivery
  • Lecture
  • Practical / Training
  • Electrical Drive Technology - Assignment

Learning outcomes

  • Determine the influence of voltages and frequencies on magnetic behaviour for each component, as well as magnetic losses.
  • Determine the parameters of transformers and draw vector diagrams for transformer circuits.
  • Determine parameters of direct-current machines with a shunt or series field using a given torque/speed curve, as well as draw the torque/speed curve from given parameters.
  • Determine the point of operation of synchronous machines in a static situation, using given parameters, as well as determine parameters from measurements.
  • For asynchronous machines, determine the relationship between given parameters in an equivalent-circuit diagram and the torque/speed curve.
  • For asynchronous machines, interpret torque/speed curves regarding starting, stopping, controlling speed combined with given load curves of machines.


- Magnetic phenomena in electrical machines. Behaviour of soft and hard magnetic materials and their losses.
- Structure of 3-phase systems and their vector diagrams.
- The following technical components:
  • 1 and 3-phase transformers
  • Direct-current machines with shunts and series winding
  • Synchronous machines
  • 3-phase asynchronous motors 
 -Topics that will be covered for each component:
  • Parameters, descriptive formulas and equivalent-circuit diagrams
  • Construction and structure
  • Torque/speed curves in static situations for rotating components
  • Methods of starting and stopping rotating components
  • Interaction with loads and frequency converters while starting, stopping, and controlling.


  • Institute of Engineering