Course: Object Oriented Programming credits: 2

Course code
Object Oriented Programming
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
M.S.R. van Noordennen
Modes of delivery
  • Lecture
  • Practical / Training
  • Object Oriented Programming - Skills test

Learning outcomes

  • The student creates (dynamic) data structures such as:
    • enumerations
    • records
    • dynamic arrays.
  • The student creates an object oriented program that carries out a given task by:
    • using basic object oriented programming skills
    • using the principles of information hiding and encapsulation (classes/objects/public vs private)
    • using the inheritance mechanisms (implements, extents).
  • The student creates a structured program by:
    • using standard libraries
  • The student creates a structured program which is:
    • user friendly
    • scalable
    • maintainable
  • The student creates a robust programs by implementing techniques such as:
    • test programs
    • exception handling
    •  debugging.


This module is centered around object oriented programming.
Next to the specific programming skills and practices around structured programming, you will learn about how to write a program that is robust and modular.
You will also learn how to deal with large (dynamic) amounts of data.
In contrast to year 1 we will be using Java as the programming language which will help you diversify your programming skills.
The object oriented programming skills covered in the learning outcomes are however applicable to other programming languages.


  • Institute of Engineering