Course: Professional Development Track credits: 5

Course code
Professional Development Track
Study year
ECTS credits
W.H. Timmerman
Modes of delivery
  • Peer feedback
  • Teaching method 1
  • Tutorial
  • Criterion Referenced Interview - Assignment
  • Portfolio & Reflection Report - Assignment

Learning outcomes

PLO 9 - The energy transition expert can independently and self-directly shape his own professional development and the development of others in a (learning) community. 


In the module Professional Development Track (PDT) the student will actively work on his own professional and personal development throughout the master programme. Starting with formulating his own learning goals and expectations, leading to a stepwise approach and action plan in order to develop the skills and competences that are relevant and important for the role of transition professional. What will be your future role, what do I need for that to fulfil that role, and how could you arrange that? Being critical and showing self-reflection capabilities are important ingredients of the PDT programme. In the first year of the master, you will work in small groups with a coach, providing and receiving feedback to the members of your small scale Community of Learners. You are stimulated to be pro-active to collect and organise the ingredients that you need for your development (student at the helm). The PDT module will be assessed in a Criterium Referenced Interview (CRI) session with your group, where you evaluate and reflect on your development process throughout your master programme.

Included in programme(s)


  • Institute of Engineering