Course: Creature Design credits: 5

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Creature Design
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S.A. Smith
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Creature Design - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

This Elective has five Programme Learning Outcomes.

Programme Learning Outcomes
A3. The student can construct concepts and relates these to relevant theory and the needs of the users.
C1. The student can make use of relevant visualisation techniques.
C3. The student elaborates digital prototypes using appropriate methods and techniques.
E3. The student discusses and justifies the added value of a chosen concept or solution in a complex context utilising appropriate means of communication.
F1. The student experiments with new technological trends and models a realisable solution.


Students will be creating a game ready character or creature from concept to 3D model. The model will have to convince that the students thought about the “why”, by creating a backstory that matches the visual characteristics, for example, physical abilities, use of colour etc. Why does my creature/character have this shape or colour? If it is an Aquatic creature, how does this influence its looks, its clothes, its movements etc. This elective go through all the steps starting with brainstorming, visual research, concept-art, followed by modelling/sculpting, retopology, textures, hair/fur ending with HD-render, and some compositing. Optional adding rigging/animation and in game-engine rendering depending on scope.

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Communication, Media & IT