Course: Serious Game Design credits: 5

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Serious Game Design
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S.A. Smith
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Serious Game Design - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

This Elective has five Programme Learning Outcomes.

Programme Learning Outcomes
A1. The student analyses own and others' assumptions and evaluates the relevance of contexts when developing a solution to a complex but structured problem.
A3. The student can construct concepts and relates these to relevant theory and the needs of the users.
D3. The student can analyse the user experience, taking UX practices into account, to improve the solution.
E1. The student can plan, implement, monitor and manage process-based projects in a complex but structured context.
F2. The student can experiment with innovative concepts to address complex or complicated situations.


With a growing interest in the world for "Games to Grow", "Edugames" and other initiatives, the field of Serious Gaming is growing, and there is a need for well thought out games which teach technical and critical thinking skills developed by professionals. This Elective will dive into how "Learning Mechanics" translate to "Game Mechanics" and how games can be designed with the purpose of helping others. Students on the elective will work in collaboration, possibly with other educational programmes or with initiatives from the work field, to tackle real-world issues using games as a platform.

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  • School of Communication, Media & IT