Course: Unreal credits: 5

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A.A.L. Gerard
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Unreal - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

This Elective has five Programme Learning Outcomes.

Programme Learning Outcomes
A3. The student can construct concepts and relates these to relevant theory and the needs of the users.
B1. The student can construct technical solutions informed by relevant knowledge and theories.
B2. The student alters and differentiates technical solutions using identified improvements.
B3. The student compares and selects appropriate technical solutions to satisfy complex problems.
F1. The student experiments with new technological trends and models a realisable solution.


Unreal Engine is used for many different purposes, including games, movies, series and AR/XR. This elective is about developing a workflow for a to-be-decided product. Students can choose anything from the aforementioned products, as long as they submit a proposal that meets preset requirements (using UE4/UE5 is one of them). They have to collaborate in UE for this elective. This elective will cover a range of relevant topics, for example: workflow adjustments from Unity to UE; Blueprint scripting; Quixel; using UE tools to create environments; working with a group to finish a prototype.

At the end of this elective, students will deliver a professional product made using blueprints and/or C++.

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Communication, Media & IT