Course: Flex step 12 term AB credits: 5

Course code
Flex step 12 term AB
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
R. de Haan
Modes of delivery

Learning outcomes

Creative ability:
Graduates are able to give meaning to artistic work from their own artistic vision.

Craft ability:
The graduate applies broad instrumental skills and knowledge professionally in his work.

Investigative and reflective ability:
The graduate gains insight and knowledge for his functioning as a professional through research and reflection and can use this in an artistic and social context.

Capacity for growth and development:
The graduate can continuously develop and deepen his artistry and his working method, thereby contributing to the development of the field and society.

Entrepreneurial and organizational capacity:
Graduates can effectively shape their ambitions in an interdisciplinary and (inter) national field of the performing arts.

Communicative ability:
The graduate is capable of effective interaction within a variety of professional contexts.

Ability to cooperate:
The graduate contributes constructively to the realization of an artistic product or process from his position.


Flex domain: the practical and theoretical domain components of this domain aim to give the student the opportunity to design a personal learning route. Within this domain, space is being created to deepen the modular (in step 9/10) and to broaden the curriculum (in step 11/12) by means of optional components. By flexibly distributing self-study hours, the student directs competence development in the various domains according to his own needs.

Customized Skills
Within Customized Skills, the student has the opportunity to delve into one specific domain and to broaden it through optional modules. There are two different specializations: Dance technique (A) and Music theater (B). The student must have obtained a minimum of 7.5 for the relevant domain to be allowed to follow the specialization direction of that domain. If the marks for both domains are above 7.5, the student may choose in which direction the student will be placed. If the domain number is lower than 7.5, the placement will be determined by the General Committee. Customized Skills is examined in the Customized Skills External Dance Technology & Music Theater Exam (EDEM Skills Exam).

Personal Development (PD)
In PD the student is guided, in collaboration with other students or individually, in his study career, during projects and exchange programs.

Personal Skills (PS) & Individual Skills (IS)
Within the Personal & Individual Skills component, the student has the opportunity to further deepen and broaden his / her work field choice in steps 11 and 12. The hours are individually arranged. Within the IS component, the student can choose from various domain components. Within the PS component, the student chooses a package that consists of several domain components. The packages from which can be chosen are in any case Dance and Music Theater.

Skills Exam Guidance (EDEM Skills)
Within this domain component, the student receives coaching in compiling the individual Skills Exam. This exam is described in the Hbo Dance Exam File

Audition training only in step 11
In audition training, students learn to audit and how to present themselves.

Exchange lessons
Exchange lessons are used on a project basis and aim to supplement the curriculum where necessary.

Self-study hours
All self-study hours are flexible hours. The student is responsible for dividing these hours between the domains and domain components as required. Within Personal Development, the student reflects on the use of self-study hours.

Included in programme(s)


  • Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts