Course: Theory step 12 term CD credits: 5

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Theory step 12 term CD
Study year
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Dutch, with parts in English
R. de Haan
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Learning outcomes

Artistic ability:
The art teacher has a coherent artistic vision from which he realizes artistic processes and products. With this he inspires and guides learners in their personal artistic development.

Pedagogical-didactic ability:
The art teacher has a wide spectrum of pedagogical and didactic knowledge and skills. In doing so, he creates safe and powerful learning environments for individual and groups of learners.

Interpersonal ability:
The art teacher has a wide spectrum of communicative knowledge and skills. In doing so, from his ambassadorship for the arts, he brings about effective interactions and forms of cooperation in various professional contexts.

Environment-oriented power:
The art teacher identifies and researches relevant developments in the (cultural) diversity of a globalizing society. He uses opportunities and possibilities to establish a connection with his professional practice in a businesslike and organized manner.

Critical reflective and investigative ability:
Through reflection and research, the art teacher gains insight and knowledge for his functioning as a professional. He uses his research skills to stimulate learners to develop an inquiring attitude and to guide them in conducting simple research.


Theory domain: in this domain, the student is oriented towards educational practice and is introduced to the educational, didactic and methodical aspects of dance art education. In addition, the theoretical background of (performing) art is acquired in this domain. In step 9, this domain is combined with the Theory domain of the Hbo-Bachelor Dance program.

Creative Educational Practice (CEP) Theory
Creative Educational Practice focuses on the subject of dance in basic education. Students conduct research into the position of dance in education, they design teaching materials and develop various interdisciplinary and cross-curricular dance projects.

Dance analysis
This domain part covers the theory and analysis of the ballet, jazz and PTMD technique.

Dance, Art & Culture, and Music History
Places the theory of dance, art & culture and music in (historical) perspective and thus lays the foundation for knowledge about developments in the contemporary

Art education
Designing and developing art education lesson plans in the broadest sense of the word, assimilation of knowledge regarding art viewing, feeling art and teaching art.

Management Organization & Entrepreneurship (MOO)
MOO aims to teach theoretical knowledge and skills about entrepreneurship and project management.

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  • Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts