Course: Music Theatre step 9 term CD credits: 5

Course code
Music Theatre step 9 term CD
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
R. de Haan
Modes of delivery

Learning outcomes

Artistiek vermogen:
De student kan onder begeleiding van kunstmatige artistieke processen en producten realiseren.

Pedagogisch-didactisch vermogen:
De student beschikt over een basis aan pedagogische en didactische kennis en vaardigheden.

Interpersoonlijk vermogen:
De student absorbeert informatie, ideeën en oplossingen van docenten en derden uit het vakgebied en kan deze inzetten t.b.v. Samenwerkingsvormen met medestudenten binnen de opleidingscontext.

Omgevingsgericht vermogen:
De student signaleert binnen de gestelde kaders relevante ontwikkelingen in de kunsteducatie en kan onder begeleiding van derden ambities omzetten in concrete acties binnen de opleidingscontext.

Kritisch reflectief en onderzoekend vermogen:
De student komt door onderzoek en reflectie tot inzicht en kennis voor zijn activiteit en kan aan de hand van de door docent aangedragen kaders een mening vormen over materiaal uit het vakgebied.


Music theater domain: in this domain, mastery of the music theater technical components is central. The Music Theater domain is divided into a core and a basic part, whereby the technical mastery is acquired in the basic part and in the core part a bridge is built between the technology, the different forms of musical theater and the field of work.

Acting serves as the basis for the Musical Theater section, but in the form of musical Acting it is also an independent domain section. Within this domain component, students learn acting skills.

Ensemble Vocals
Ensemble Vocal serves as the basis for the Musical Theater domain component, but is also an independent domain component. The core goal is polyphony.

Musical Theater
At Musical Theater the parts dance, song and performance come together. In Musical Theater, the existing musicals, and in particular the dance and ensemble singing pieces, form the teaching and learning material.

Performing Knowledge
Within this domain component, among other things, the theory and history of music theater are put into practice. This project has an internal school character.

Solfège involves learning to distinguish by ear and being able to read tones and intervals and is taught in different modules, whereby students must first have passed module one in step 9 in order to progress to module two, etc. In total there are four modules. that must be achieved.

Voice coaching
Voice coaching acts as support for Acting, Ensemble Vocal, Musical Theater and Vocal Technique from the Muziektheater Domein.

Tap dance
Tap dance serves as the basis for Music Theater Technique and Dance Technique, but is also an independent technique. Tap dance in a dance form in which one produces rhythmic sounds with the feet.

Included in programme(s)


  • Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts