Course: Leadership credits: 15

Course code
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
M.M. van Dalen
Modes of delivery
  • Self-study
  • TEST-01 - Assignment

Learning outcomes


The student is able to reflect on personal effectiveness and on professional actions with attention to his own role in this and the effects for employees and/or the organisation.

Written response:

Student formulates a substantiated vision on sustainable leadership in which the following elements are integrated: ethics, corporate social responsibility, normative professionalism and love for the profession.

The student oversees a complex issue within the context of the organization and can translate it into objectives and a concrete approach.

The student translates short and long term effects of policy choices to different organizational perspectives and stakeholders from the perspective of meaningful leadership.

Job interview:

Student demonstrates authenticity and self-knowledge from a reflective attitude.

The student shows congruence in the oral response, by connecting to his own written vision and substantiation of the organizational issue.


The manager as a self-director is focused on
  • Developing and shaping a personal, professional vision of leadership.
  • To contribute to the professionalization of management in care and services based on professional authenticity.
By working on this module, we aim to make you reflect on your leadership qualities and skills and on your own values ​​as a leader. You attach consequences to this for your professional practice. The essence of learning in this role is that one's own actions as a manager and personal leadership are fleshed out. In addition, you demonstrate to what extent you have integrated this development with professional principles and principles linked to the roles.

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Health Care Studies