Course: The Manager as Entrepreneur credits: 15

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The Manager as Entrepreneur
Study year
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Dutch, with parts in English
M.E. van Gehlen
Modes of delivery
  • Assignment
  • TEST-01 - Assignment

Learning outcomes

  1. The student conducts an internal analysis with regard to his/her own organization (unit).
  2. The student conducts an external analysis with regard to his/her own organization.
  3. The student assesses the connection between the innovation and the results of the internal and external analyses.
  4. The student makes a business plan for this innovation in accordance with the method provided.
  5. The student investigates the innovation in an international context.
  6. The student reflects on his own professional development related to the content of the module.


Within this module we appeal to the personal qualities that entrepreneurial management requires: innovative thinking, creativity, networking and creating value. You are invited to show these aspects by devising and realizing new or improved products/services, processes for your organization (unit). We pay attention to different models such as Design Thinking, empathy map and the business model canvas. It is precisely the combination of these instruments that has a powerful impact, so that you are able to fulfil your role as an entrepreneurial manager in a sustainable way.

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  • School of Health Care Studies