Course: Academic Counselling 4 credits: 1

Course code
Academic Counselling 4
Study year
ECTS credits
H.A. Kranenburg
Modes of delivery
  • Teaching method 1
  • Academic Counselling 4 - Portfolio assessment

Learning outcomes

1BD-PH 7: The student can evaluate his/her PDP for his/her development from student to practising physiotherapist under the supervision of the academic counsellor using criteria provided by the programme.
1BD-PH 11: The student, under the supervision of the SCC, can keep his portfolio up to date, based on the criteria given by the programme.
1OD-M 18.The student, as an entrepreneurial person, shows self-confidence by taking initiatives on his own in the context of his studies.
1OD-M 19. The student, as an entrepreneurial person, demonstrates being performance-oriented through focused development of his own qualities in the context of his personal development.
1OD-M 21. The student demonstrates that he/she can think strategically as an enterprising individual by creating opportunities for him/herself.


The student career trajectory is part of the physiotherapy studies; here the student learns to establish a connection between his studies and the profession of physiotherapist. We are talking about a profession that involves dealing with many professional dilemmas and an academic programme in which many choices have to be made. This demands from the student a learning process in which he learns to organise and plan, take responsibility for the choices he makes, and give shape to the ensuing actions. In this way he learns to give a sense of direction to the physiotherapy studies. In our programme the principle applies that as a student you have primary responsibility for your studies and your career. You are, as it were, the ‘director’ of your studies.

The theme for academic counselling 4 is: 'What did I achieve this year?' and the start of building a professional identity.

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  • School of Health Care Studies