Course: Regulation and litigation credits: 5

Course code
Regulation and litigation
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
M. den Uijl
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Regulation and litigation - Computer, organised by STAD examinations

Learning outcomes

Analysing, Level 3
As a novice professional, the student is capable of analysing legal issues in a complex situation while taking account of the surrounding environment and drawing on multiple legal and non-legal sources. In doing so, the student draws on applied legal research and justifies their choice of sources:
1.Students lay out the facts of a complex real-life legal situation and/or an open problem and rank them by legal relevance. Based on this ranking, they formulate the legal questions and are able to answer and substantiate these verbally and/or in writing.

Deciding, Level 3
The novice practitioner is able to determine the legal status of a complex legal issue and identify and substantiate the legal consequences for multiple individuals or legal entities:
1.The student can independently determine the legal position and identify the legal implications in a complex practical situation;
2.The student is able to make decisions after considering the interests of multiple parties and other stakeholders;
3.The student can explain how they arrived at their decision and weighed the various interests.


Level: advanced (3)


Included in programme(s)


  • School of Law