Course: Energy Transition Project credits: 5

Course code
Energy Transition Project
Study year
ECTS credits
E.J. Hengeveld
Modes of delivery
  • Lecture
  • Assignment Capstone RM/RP - Assignment
  • Professional Skills - Assignment

Learning outcomes

After the completion of this module the students should know :
  • Principles of the theory and application of Research Methodology
 After the completion of this module the students should be able to  
  • Perform the capstone assignment as an energy transition research project
  •   Write, present and reflect on project results & personal development


This module consists of 2 courses:
  1. Research Methodology and Research Project (5 EC) Research methodology is introduced with the aim to teach students how to design, conduct and report proper applied and design research results.
  2. Professional Skills and Mentoring ( Pass or Fail)
    The course Professional Skills and Mentoring covers the guidance in the personal professional development of the student, in presentation skills and in project based working. After this topic the student is able to make
    1. a reflection of the students professional development, which is discussed with his mentor. This reflection will be based on the PDCA-approach.
    2. a self-evaluation report and re-orientation, based on the student’s progress during the core semester.

Included in programme(s)


  • Institute of Engineering