Course: New Business Development credits: 5

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New Business Development
Study year
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C.B. Vogt
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • New Business Development - Assignment

Learning outcomes

To be able to:
  1. Judge the technical feasibility of bio-fuel facilities
  2. Assess the sustainability of the process
To have demonstrated knowledge and understanding of:
  • Bio- fuel concepts
  • Business model canvas / business cases
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Developing new value chains
To be able 
Writing and pitching a business plan


  • Different sustainable fuel systems can be developed, each with its own characteristics and thus its own market, depending on the requirements that certain consumer segments will have.
    In this module we will study two sustainable fuels systems based on gaseous sustainable fuels: bioLNG and hydrogen. Reference systems can for example be electric or fossil fuel based transport.
    The final goal of this module is to investigate and present one of these sustainable fuel systems in the form of a business concept, including advantages and disadvantages when compared to other fuel systems.
    To be able to develop such a concept, the following program has been developed:
    1.         Introduction on business models and recap LCA
    -           Chain analysis:
    o          Chain efficiency
    o          SCBA
    o          Financial analysis
    -           Stakeholder involvement
    -           Business Models
    2.         Introduction on two sustainable fuel chains
    -           Bio LNG
    -           Hydrogen
    3.         Value chain new business development
    4.         Business tools
    -           Business Model Canvas
    -           Financial parameters (ROI, NVP, CAPEX, OPEX)
    -           Partner analysis
    -           Competition analysis
    5.         Business development plan based on the tool from point 2 and 3 for one of the cases presented
    6.         Presentation and defense of own concepts based on one of the cases presented
    -           Pitch (who, what, how , why)
    -           Consultative selling technique SPIN
    -           Pyramid principle reasoning

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  • Institute of Engineering