Toegekend diploma
Bachelor of Science
ECTS credits
Niveau eindkwalificatie
  • Instituut voor Communicatie, Media & IT
  • Groningen

Communication & Multimedia Design, Major Game Design


The student Communication & Multimedia Design is an entrepreneurial student that designs creative digital interactive communication products with the purpose of improving the lives of those products’ users. The student distinguishes itself by experimenting in a goal oriented manner and a design oriented manner, having a multidisciplinary working process, and being conscious of the impact of their designs.

In all majors, students design digital products. They focus not only on the user experience, but also on the client’s issues or opportunities. Within all majors, we work towards ‘informed design’ by applying research to all phases of the design process.
To connect in an appropriate manner to the needs of professionals from specific parts of our field of work, our programme is divided into three majors, namely:
  1. Interaction Design: in this major the emphasis is on technique and prototyping.
  2. Game Design: in this major the emphasis is on playful design concepts. 
  3. Visual Design: in this major the emphasis is on conceptualising and visualising.


  • Orientation & comprehension
The junior professional is capable of researching and understanding the context to the problem, the user's wishes, the client's objective, the stakeholders' interests and the opportunities offered by technology.      
  • Conceptualising         
The junior professional is capable of generating and developing creative ideas for interactive and non-interactive communication products, services and experiences, taking account of both user and client wishes.            
  • Visualising & creating prototypes     
The junior professional develops concepts and elaborates them into digital interactive prototypes.
  • Evaluating      
The junior professional repeatedly assesses the results of the various design phases to determine whether they are valuable and relevant to the user/client's wishes.
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration*
The junior professional collaborates within a multidisciplinary, multicultural and/or international environment, whereby the student manages to connect the various disciplines.       
  • Initiating, organising and coordinating*
The junior professional identifies needs in the area of communication and interaction and takes the initiative to meet them. The junior professional is capable of facilitating and coordinating a process-based, project-based and structured dialogue between the various project stakeholders.    
  • Manifesting and presenting
The junior professional can generate enthusiasm for his/her design ideas amongst the client, team and users and is capable of communicating an inspiring narrative in which his/her vision/message shines through in an authentic manner.       
  • Developing and reflecting
The junior professional has insight into his/her own personal and professional development (knowledge, ability, standards and values) and is conscious of his/her own professional conduct and the impact thereof on others.            
  • Researching   
The junior professional conducts applied research and is capable of interpreting research data and accurately assessing the value thereof.   
  • Entrepreneurship        
The junior professional demonstrates his/her entrepreneurial spirit by means of a pro-active attitude, an inquisitive nature, efforts to build and maintain contacts and the translation of creative and innovative ideas into concrete concepts.          
*The exit level for CMD Groningen is level 2


Communication & Multimedia Design, Major Game Designcredits

Year 3 Communication & Multimedia Design, Major Game Design 60

Year 4 Communication & Multimedia Design, Major Game Design 60