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Strategic Management
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R.A. Rozier
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  • Strategic Management - Schriftelijk, organisatie tentamenbureau


The student:

- describes the (related) elements of a strategy of an organisation in a case based on strategy theory.
- discusses the relevance of competitive advantage and customer value in an organisational strategy based on strategy theories.   
- produces a SWOT analysis of an organisation based on theory about a SWOT analysis.
- explains the competitive forces of an organisation based on the Five Forces Model of Michael Porter. 
- interprets the use of a balanced scorecard in an organizational strategy based on theory about the balanced scorecard.
- illustrates the strategic tool “strategic road mapping” based on strategy theory.
- identifies the organizational impact of strategic management based on strategy theory.
- points out the relationship between organizational strategy and strategic information management based on strategic information management theories.


In an organisation it all starts with defining a sound strategy. The strategy determines how organisations and their people execute processes, process data from these processes and change data into information on different management levels in order to measure if the strategic goals are met.
The pivotal element in this course and in this course module is “information”: the way the strategy of an organisation is shaped determines the use of data and therefore information. With Business Intelligence, organisations collect data, change that into information and with this information organisations can make better decisions.    
In this course module, the student learns what strategy is, from which parts strategy exists, what kind of steps an organisation should take in order to design a sound strategy, how an organisation can win in the market and what kind of information on what level is needed to design, execute and measure the strategy. Finally, the student will learn how the strategy of an organisation is related to the concept of strategic information management.   
The test is based on a case description of an organisation.


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