Vak: Innovation & Future Visioning credits: 5

Innovation & Future Visioning
ECTS credits
D.A.A. Krol
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  • Future Visioning - Professioneel product


I&FV.1: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of trends, social developments and/or spatial factors acquired by carrying out research from different lines of investigation. (comp 1, comp. 7) 
I&FV.2: Students will be able to associate through broadening, connecting and restructuring to cultivate new insights, to apply knowledge and skills, to justify choices and viewpoints and to demonstrate the outcome in a creative/unorthodox way. (comp. 2, comp 3, comp. 8)
I&FV.3: Students can, based on research outcomes from different lines of investigation, evaluate the different scenarios. (comp. 7) 
I&FV.4: Students can reflect on self-learning, the process followed and deliver reflective peer feedback. (comp. 9) 
I&FV.5: Students are able to demonstrate appropriate communication in an engaging and creative way. (comp. 8) 
I&FV.6: Students are able to demonstrate constructive cooperation with group members and other participants/actors. (comp. 8)

The student is able to demonstrate constructive cooperation with group members and other participants/actors.


In this module, students work partly as individuals and partly in the existing groups to envision the future by formulating relevant scenarios in relation to a research area. While it is uncertain what the future will hold, what should you take into account if you want to anticipate the future, or which trends, social developments and spatial aspects are important in that respect? Formulating scenarios will provide insight into these developments.
The objective of this module is to acquaint the students with this method, motivate them to conduct research and encourage them to think outside the box. In this module, the emphasis is on the learning process and the student's development.


  • Instituut voor Future Environments