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D. Terluin
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C1. The CMDer develops purposeful digital interactive prototypes by using appropriate prototyping methods and techniques
E1. The CMDer acts and performs within a team and exploits that the diversity therein
E2. The CMDer consciously develops their own professional attitude towards others, their ethical awareness, and their intercultural competency
G1. The CMDer is proficient in complex communication methods and can explain the added value of an innovation or product
H1. The CMDer knows personal strengths and weaknesses, formulates learning goals, reflects on these taking responsibility for personal conduct, and (re)directs themselves for the purposes of learning


In this project we will focus on the design of ‘emergent’ games. Traditionally, video games guide people through the game in a linear fashion, in which the flow of the game is fixed and predetermined. Emergent games allow for new and unexpected situations to arise during gameplay. A good example of these kind of games are sandbox games.
We will create an emergent game as part of the project. Steps involve the design of non-linear game mechanics and stories, and evaluating these game elements with users to see if the intended goals can be achieved.                                                                              
In this course you will experiment with emergent game design to gain more understanding of game design in general, and how different aspects influence the user experience. Students must work together to create an emergent game, drawing on game design skills and their ability to work together.                                                                                                        
In the project groups you will work on the emergent game, and you will have weekly coaching sessions. At the end of the block, each group will demonstrate their game. Individually, you will write a reflection report. If this report meets minimum requirements, you are invited to a competency based interview to discuss the report.


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