Vak: User Centered Design credits: 5

User Centered Design
ECTS credits
H.R.C. Meijburg
  • Practicum / Training
  • User Centered Design - Overige toetsing


A.1. CMD program learning outcome: The CMD professional can understand, describe and contextualise the problem context.
(Level 2) Student describes a structured and complex problem context

A.2. CMD program learning outcome: The CMD professional consistently emphasises the user's interests by gathering and analysing data on user needs and wishes. 
(Level 2) Student collects and analyses wishes and needs of users and stakeholders in a structured and complex context. 

E.1 The CMDer is able to interpret their design process from an interdisciplinary perspective, and explain their ethical choices  (Level 2)

E.2 The CMDer is able to recognize cultural differences in communication and behaviour (Level 2)

H.1 The CMDer is able to reflect on their group dynamics to explain their design process and design decisions, relating these to the principles of emergent game design (Level 2)

I.2. CMD program learning outcome: The CMD professional has mastered a range of research methods and techniques, and can make well-founded decisions as to which is the most appropriate for each situation. 
(Level 2) Student differentiates different research methods and techniques and applies these in a structured complex context.

I.3. CMD program learning outcome: The CMD professional can find and accurately assess the value of relevant data, is capable of interpreting research results and determining their quality (reliability, validity, relevance to the design) and the limitations of the research.
(Level 2) Student finds and evaluates (empirical) data within a complex and structured assignment and interprets the research results


In this course, you will look at the design process. Two important perspectives are: who are we designing with (e.g. working with stakeholders, or working together efficiently as a group), and who are we designing for (e.g. for people from different cultures, or for people with certain disabilities).
To develop these perspectives,  you will learn different research methods, which will give insight in your user. You will use this insight to formulate requirements for a product you are developing.
The course consists of a general part, which will be the same for al majors, and a major specific part. For you as a GD student, this specific part is Intercultural Competence and Ethics.
This course is assessed through a group report and a presentation.


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