Vak: Governance, Responsibility and Ownership credits: 10

Governance, Responsibility and Ownership
ECTS credits
H.W.J. Smeltekop
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At the end of this module the Transition Strategist will be able to:
  1. Analyse, identify and evaluate how present legal landscapes and principles can be used and manipulated in order to mobilize change in evolving energy landscapes/communities and which support innovation/transition.
  2. Use and integrate various disciplines in order to handle complicated energy issues by offering legislative solutions or by avoidance of legal barriers by using alternative and multidisciplinary co -operation.
  3. Critically evaluate, integrate and reflect on the complex governmental environment and provide clear judgements and validation relating to energy transition in energy communities taking into account the interests of stakeholders and the goals as set in climate treaties.
  4. Analyse and critically reflect on  the various governmental strategies and communicate with stakeholders in a way that benefits energy transition in line with the stakeholders interests and responsibilities.
  5. Analyse and critically reflect upon the contents of academic papers, professional articles and new media publications on  present governance theories, innovation theories and methods. 
  6. Engage in the Community of Learners.


The aim of the module Governance, Responsibility and Ownership is to learn and practice the playing field in which the transition strategist has to live with in relation to the areas of Governance, Resonsiblity and Ownership. In each area legal rules and principles play a specific role and in each of these, the strategist needs to be able to master as well adminstrative regulatory obligations as contractual skills in order to facilitate the development of the construction of solar parks, wind farms and/or energy plants. Debate and dispute settlement form the solid basis for the role in which the strategist fiels comfortable and assured on the process of transition. Self-reflection and learning by doing are proven characteristics of the applied science master.  

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