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W.H. Timmerman
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The Master thesis assignment is where you clearly demonstrate all competencies learned through this study and show that you are ready to start operating as a Transition Professional.

The programme learning outcomes for the graduation project of the Master Energy for Society are:
  1. The energy transition expert can, on the basis of acquired theoretical and practical knowledge, unravel difficult, complex developments in the energy transition and make underlying structures and mechanisms in local and regional communities visible.
  2. The energy transition expert can develop an innovative future vision of the complex issue of energy transition in collaboration with stakeholders and communicate about this vision in an effective and convincing manner to both professional and non-professional and academic audiences.
  3. The energy transition expert can realise system innovation experiments (in niches) by navigating between and forming innovative networks and alliances capable of taking action.
  4. The energy transition expert can embed and scale up innovative solutions in relevant networks and subsystems within the energy transition.
  5. The energy transition expert can observe, stimulate, supervise and monitor transition processes in multidisciplinary and multi-level groups, and allow these groups to reflect on the transition in a cyclic process.
  6. In energy communities, the energy transition expert can switch between process and interdisciplinary content and take the right substantive steps at the right time, taking into account the ambivalence that a long-term transition process must also produce concrete results in the short term.
  7. The energy transition expert can act ethically towards all stakeholders in the energy transition process.
  8. The energy transition expert can (co)design, carry out and evaluate practice-based research, thereby contributing to the innovation of his own work and the profession.


In your graduation project you will conduct a substantial assignment at a Master of Science level. The graduation project is intended to provide you with the opportunity to undertake an in-depth research project related to energy transition in order to make a substantive contribution to innovation and knowledge in that area. The project will include a critical synthesis of the literature and a rigorous empirical investigation related to a subject in practice.

The graduation project shall be derived from the practical environment of involved energy transition stakeholders, conducted independently and in a structured manner. You will obtain the graduation project assignment from either a company, institution or lectorate. You will record your work in your graduation product  in a timely and accurate manner. In addition, you will submit and defend your research (provide your supporting arguments) by means of a presentation which will take place during the defence.

The graduation project is a means to show that you can work independently on a complex project and that you are able to evaluate, challenge, modify and develop theory and practice. You are expected to demonstrate the ability to isolate and focus on the significant features of the problem you choose to work on and to offer a contribution to a solution from a transdisciplinary perspective. This means producing original and innovative work in your field of interest that is generally applicable within the field of (local/regional) energy transition, and therefore worthy of publication or public performance or display. You should demonstrate abstract thinking in scientifically based research and in applying energy concepts.

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