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Master Graduation Project Energy
ECTS credits
T. Drijfhout-Roeters
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PLO A1: Advises on the development of international communication strategy to communicate values, directions and priorities, demonstrates intercultural sensitivity and takes the international context of the organisation and the interests of international stakeholders into account.
PLO A2: Shows a high level of intercultural sensitivity to local and global diversity, by demonstrating appropriate facilitation skills to engage and interact with diverse and multiple stakeholders.
PLO B3: Designs, conducts and critically reviews (online) communication research to underpin communication strategies and tactics, as part of strategic decision making and with relevance to professional practice.
PLO B4: Employs the use of (social) media analytics and metrics in the measurement of data and translates data into actionable insights to improve communication outcomes.
PLO C5: Analyses complex communication problems and identifies opportunities to design strategies and core content.
PLO C6: Proposes innovative solutions and original ideas to improve communication outcomes, by integrating different perspectives and by using the future.
PLO D7: Aligns communication strategy and planning with organisational values and purpose, sets clear communication objectives, and uses written and visual language to communicate effectively across media channels.
PLO D8: Synthesizes complex concepts and behavioral insights, converts these to (brand) narratives, and advises on the use of (brand) narratives to facilitate communication with stakeholders.
PLO E9: Demonstrates continuous learning and improvement independently and with others, by reflecting on professional behavior and professional goals.
PLO E10: Reflects purposefully on leadership, cultural values and ethics of self and others in line with professional and societal expectations.


In this 30 EC semester (year 2, block 1 and block 2) you will demonstrate your competence as a Strategic Leader of International Communication. You may be eligible to receive a ‘Focal Area Energy Certificate’ to complement your degree if you choose a sustainable energy related graduation topic.

The Graduation Project Energy is an individual research and consulting assignment and the ultimate test to give evidence of each of the MIC competency domains. You self-select your professional role and acquire a sustainable energy related graduation project. You will work with an organisation, designated as the client, to complete a project that is of significance and practical use to the organisation. By the end of the semester, you will produce a research report and a professional communication strategy that meet your client’s communication needs and the standards of a professional master programme.

The Graduation Project Energy builds on all knowledge and skills gained during the previous semesters and allows the student to show communicative leadership in support of a communication strategy that brings benefits to organisations and to society. The student carries out the graduation project under academic supervision, either as part of an in-company internship or in close cooperation with an organisation (i.e. an established profit or not for profit organisation whose functions include communication in an international and/or intercultural setting).

The final assessment is a graduation portfolio and a criterion-based interview.

Contact person: Trienke Drijfhout MA
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