Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Arts
Length of the programme
48 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Dutch, with parts in English, English
  • Minerva Art Academy
  • Groningen

Design, Major Product Design

Profile of the programme

This is a Bachelor degree with a professional orientation. The programme targets curious students with talent and ambition to become experimental designers with an 'open mind,' who provide visual answers to questions from various specific contexts and who are able to operate within an interdisciplinary and global environment. The programme has a generalist focus and in addition gives students the opportunity to specialise in one of the following fields:
  • Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Spatial Design
  • Time Based Design
  • Product Design.
  • Students can also opt for a combination of the above majors in the “Off Road.”

The main subjects in the programme are all aspects of professional design, visual arts and theory. Applied research and entrepreneurial behaviour are integral parts of the courses covering the main subjects. 

Learning outcomes

The graduate of the Bachelor degree programme in Design can demonstrate their mastery in the following learning outcomes: 
Creative capacity
The student can make authentic visual work that stems from research and which demonstrates artistic vision. The visual work creates meaning and results from the designer’s personal ambition.
Capacity for critical reflection
The student is able to research his own work and working methods, as well as those of others, through contemplating it, analysing, problematizing, positioning, and assessing it.
Capacity for growth and innovation
The student is able to continue to develop and deepen his own work and method of working, and in doing so provides a contribution to the development of the profession, the field, culture, and society.
Organisational capacity
The student can set up and maintain an inspiring and professional work situation.
Communicative capacity
The student can formulate his ideas, concepts, work, method of working, and artistic vision to professionals and the public in and outside of the field.
Environmental focus
The student is able to relate actively and critically to the context he finds himself in with his work.
Capacity to cooperate
The student is able to actively contribute to the realisation of an artistic product or process by working independently within a collaborative setting.


Design, Major Product Designcredits

Year 2 50

Year 3 55

Year 4 60

Offcourses 15

selection of following courses