Course: Professional Development 4 & Theory 4 credits: 10

Course code
Professional Development 4 & Theory 4
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English, English
N.H. Karst
Modes of delivery
  • Individual supervision
  • Peer feedback
  • Self-study
  • Tutorial
  • Prof. Development 4 & Theory 4 - Presentation

Learning outcomes

C4. Organisational capacity
The student can set up and maintain an inspiring and professional work situation.
C5. Communicative capacity
The student can formulate his ideas, concepts, work, method of working, and artistic vision to professionals and the public in and outside of the field.



This module from the Theory & Professional Development stream will centre on the student’s ability to position him or herself in the professional field by applying the acquired theoretical knowledge and experience in concrete/professional practice. In doing so, students will make use of the series of articles they have written in semesters 3, 4, 5 and 6. Orientation to the professional field will play an important role as well: this includes practical (via a work placement, live AMP assignment, autonomous assignment), educational (international experience, minor) and research (Knowledge Centre, Living Labs) aspects.