Course: Digital Ethics credits: 3

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Digital Ethics
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Dutch, with parts in English, English
M. Smit
Modes of delivery
  • Tutorial
  • Digital Ethics - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

A3 (level 2) : The CMD professional acquires knowledge from the domain, seeks out relevant theories and analyses conventional developments and has a clear understanding of their structured problem-solving potential 

H1 (level 2): The CMD professional knows his/her own  strengths and weaknesses, is capable of formulating learning needs, can reflect on and take responsibility for his/her own actions and manages the learning process.

I1 (level 2) The CMD professional shows under guidance an investigative mindset (with activities and skills)


In the work field of the CMD employee, conscious and responsible use of digital systems and data is very important. Especially because more and more consumer data is stored and traded, information and communication systems make consumer behavior more transparent, organizations and systems are increasingly targeted by hackers. Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations is essential. Furthermore, the digital ethical accountability of both commercial organizations and (semi) government agencies. For you as a CMD professional, the key concepts here are ethics, privacy and digital security.
In the Digital Ethics course we work on ethics, (digital) privacy and (digital) security.


  • School of Communication, Media & IT