Course: Personal Leadership 3 credits: 5

Course code
Personal Leadership 3
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
G. Posthumus
Modes of delivery
  • Practical / Training
  • Tutorial
  • Personal Leadership 3 - Portfolio assessment

Learning outcomes

The student discovers and reflects on his own personal and professional identity as a facility professional using evidence for the development portfolio.
The student formulates learning objectives that contribute to the further development of his personal and professional identity.
The student substantiates choices for the implementation of the route for his third year of study that are a logical sequel to the development line included in the development portfolio.  
The student works independently on the development of his personal and professional identity by using collected feedback and evidence.
The student analyzes in the context of a specific environment the intercultural dimensions that influence personal and professional attitudes and behaviors . In doing so, the student is attentive to norms, values, and ethical dilemmas encountered as a facility professional.  


In Personal Leadership, the student works independently to develop their personal and professional identity as a facility professional and global citizen. The student reflects on all experiences inside and outside the program in the development portfolio and supports this with evidence. The conversation with the student coach about the portfolio helps in making choices for the third year of study and makes clear what the learning goals for the next phases in the program are.  

Included in programme(s)


  • Institute of Future Environments