Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Science
Length of the programme
48 months
ECTS credits
Level of qualification
Dutch, with parts in English
  • Institute of Future Environments
  • Groningen

Facility Management

Profile of the programme

The Facility Management programme aims to prepare students to become managers who are able to add value to organizations by facilitating the work activities and accommodation of individuals and groups in the area of services and property management, in a hospitable and flexible manner.

Learning outcomes

  • Assesses other people's needs and motivators, is able to respond effectively to these and, in doing so, takes people’s productivity, behaviour, perception and satisfaction in to account when taking decisions regarding deployment of facility services and resources.
  • Provides effective leadership and implements change.
  • Explores and analyses the existing needs in connection with the spatial environments in which people work, live and/or spend time and offers recommendations for new and existing spatial concepts in order to facilitate the organisation’s realisation of its objectives.
  • Makes facility-related contributions to location choice, purchasing, design/redesign,development, acquisition, set up, management and maintenance, as well as the disposal of the built environment, to a multidisciplinary team at the strategic and tactical level.
  • Explores the perception and actual performance of facility-related resources and possibilities and puts forth recommendations regarding implementation, management and maintenance that are of added value in terms of achieving the organisational objectives.
  • Collects, analyses and reports information in relation to the facility services based on the information requirements and the correct data.
  • Analyses and designs/redesigns the entire scope of facility services necessary for the primary process and creates a rough design for setting up the management process.
  • Designs processes for the development/redevelopment, acquisition and roll-out of services and, in doing so, contributes to the alignment of desired and actual use (performance).
  • Designs/redesigns the facility management processes based on the question ‘make, buy or ally?'; sets out specifications for the desired service according the chosen strategy (such as purchasing strategy) and organises the processes based on an internal or external customer-supplier relationship.
  • Drafts facility-related policy that is in keeping with the organisational strategy based on internal and external developments and needs of the customer (including internal customers), and then structures the facility management organisation with a key focus on the relationship(s) between the various sub-processes.
  • Shows themselves to be in possession of professional skills in a complex situation and/or environment.
  • Shows themselves to be in possession of a professional attitude in a complex situation and/or environment.


Facility Managementcredits

Third Year Facility Management 60

Fourth Year Facility Management 60