Course: Project Entrepreneur role credits: 5

Course code
Project Entrepreneur role
Study year
ECTS credits
Dutch, with parts in English
A.P. de Vries
Modes of delivery
  • Project-based learning
  • Project Entrepreneur role - Assignment

Learning outcomes

The student:
  1. Analyses the context in which the client operates and the services necessary to support the primary process of this client (procurement role) (7)  
  1. Writes a functional purchasing document for a service based on a ‘challenge’ and discusses this document with the client(procurement role)  (8, 9)  
  1. Follows a (European) tendering procedure in a lawful and efficient manner (procurement role) (9)  
  1. Analyses the stakeholders of the ‘challenge’ issued by the client and identifies the client and stakeholder requirements (procurement and entrepreneurs role) (7, 8, 9)  
  1. Develops a scalable new service with the aid of the Business Model Canvas and based on the client and stakeholder requirements, making use of trends and developments at macro and meso level and innovation theories (entrepreneurs role) (7,9)  
  1. Identifies the consequences of implementation and management of the new service with the help of the completed Business Model Canvas and evaluates this as regards the feasibility of all model components (entrepreneurs role) (8) 


In this semester, you will write a purchasing document for a service in which cooperation between the client and the contracted party plays a crucial role. You will do this based on a "challenge” (assignement from a client) as a member of a purchasing team. Next, you will also become a member of a development team and as a start-up, you will take on the "challenge” of a purchasing team and develop a new service using the purchasing document of that purchasing team. Whilst developing this new service, you will be a specialist in the area of sustainability, hospitality or health. 
Both the purchasing process and the development process will be supported iteratively with the help of Scrum and Design Thinking. 
For the entire semester, you will therefore have the role of purchaser and developer and you will put together a portfolio for both roles that contains (group)assignments and proof of your capabilities and development. The portfolios will also serve as input for the assessment meeting. 

Included in programme(s)


  • Institute of Future Environments