Course: New Technology credits: 5

Course code
New Technology
Study year
ECTS credits
I. Plutschouw
Modes of delivery
  • Action learning
  • New Technology - Other assessment

Learning outcomes

This Focus Track has five Programme Learning Outcomes, assessed through five Course Learning Outcomes. The related BoKS are listed in brackets after each Course Learning Outcome.

Programme Learning Outcomes
B1. The student can construct technical solutions informed by relevant knowledge and theories.
B2. The student alters and differentiates technical solutions using identified improvements.
B3. The student compares and selects appropriate technical solutions to satisfy complex problems.
E1. The student can plan, implement, monitor and manage process-based projects in a complex but structured context.
G1. The student knows their own strengths and weaknesses, can formulate complex learning goals, reflects on and takes responsibility for managing their own learning process.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. The student plans, implements and manages process-based development in a complex but structured context. (E1)
  2. The student researches and compares technical features and selects the appropriate requirements that satisfy the needs of the application. (B3)
  3. The student constructs application features informed by relevant knowledge and theories in software engineering and math. (B1)
  4. The student iterates on the product by identifying improvements and altering the application accordingly. (B2)
  5. The student is able to formulate its own learning goals where they can point out their own strengths and weaknesses and reflect on their own learning processes. (G1)


In this course the students learn about programming techniques used in real time and 3d applications. It covers subjects from software engineering and mathematics. The goal is to make the students independent programmers that have knowledge of the most used techniques and an overview to be able to explore these topics further when required. The course is assessed by a programming assignment where students will define, design, and implement a complex and reusable feature for a game.

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  • School of Communication, Media & IT