Course: The Manager as Change Agent credits: 15

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The Manager as Change Agent
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Dutch, with parts in English
W.A. Brinkman
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  • Assignment
  • TEST-01 - Assignment

Learning outcomes

1. The student can apply the theory of change management to a complex cross-team situation within the own organization and describe the situation and the desired change.
2. Based on the desired change, the student can draw up a change plan for those involved within and outside the own organization.
3. The student prepares the implementation of the change by making a start with executing the change plan within his own organization.
4. The student shows that he is able to critically reflect on the change process.
5. The student reflects on his own actions related to the content of the module and actively shapes development and points for improvement.


In this module we focus on organizational change and interventions within the context of the own organization according to a development-oriented approach.

This involves creating conditions and investigating, analyzing and estimating the most appropriate change approach. At an organizational dynamic level, it is about how people give meaning to the change and about the willingness to change and the capacity to change. At an individual level, we pay attention to the interpretation of the role of change agent whose task is to make the change concrete in work processes, results and behaviour with all those involved in the force field.

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  • School of Health Care Studies