Course: Introduction in Care and Welfare credits: 15

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Introduction in Care and Welfare
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Dutch, with parts in English
B. Schoonbeek
Modes of delivery
  • Assignment
  • Portfolio assessment - Assessment

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1.1.1
The student knows the context of care and welfare, is aware of the challenges in welfare and care and can name examples of functions in the sectors.

Learning Outcome 1.1.2
The student shows a critical attitude with regard to current developments within the healthcare and welfare sectors and gives examples that demonstrate this attitude.

Learning Outcome 1.1.3
The student takes responsibility for his actions and shows with examples that the student adjusts his actions on the basis of his own findings (critical self-reflection), scientific insights and (actively) obtained feedback.

Learning Outcome 1.1.4
The student has demonstrably made a proactive and positive contribution to the process of group formation, for example by adopting an (active) tolerant attitude and valuing and respecting the other group members as individuals.

Learning Outcome 1.1.5
The student demonstrates elementary conversation skills in an open interview in a structured context within the study programme.


In this module we focus on the (un)sustainability of the current healthcare system. The common thread, the core of the theme, are the challenges in care and well-being. During a teaching week, the themes are worked on through various teaching methods and various assignments. You will be introduced to the form and content of the HBO programme, to the people who work there and, of course, to each other, your fellow students who have also opted for the MiZ programme. Learning together forms the basis of the study program and a good relationship with your fellow students and the people of the study program is very important. You immediately notice from the way in which education is structured that you have to do it together, while you are assessed as an individual.

Included in programme(s)


  • School of Health Care Studies