Toegekend diploma
Bachelor of Science
48 maanden
ECTS credits
Niveau eindkwalificatie
  • Academie voor Sociale Studies
  • Groningen

Toegepaste Psychologie


The Bachelor degree programme Applied Psychology comprises a programme of 240 ECTS credits (a first-year programme of 60 ECTS credits and a main phase programme of 180 ECTS credits).
The degree programme comprises a Major and a Minor. The Major is composed of compulsory and elective units. The Minor may be chosen by the student and allows him or her to specialise in a chosen field or to broaden his/her generic or subject-specific knowledge and skills. The degree programme is practice-orientated: a work placement / work placements (30 ECTS credits) and other practical components, in addition to a thesis project (30 ECTS credits), form an essential and compulsory part of this degree programme.
The graduate is able, on the basis of arguments from the social sciences, to set up practical interventions for intrapersonal and interpersonal problems. The applied psychologist does so using psychological theories, methods and techniques. The actions of an applied psychologist are always accompanied by professional reflection and effectiveness of action.


The degree programme equips the student with the competences required of a professional in the field of Applied Psychology. These are:
  1. Assessment of behaviour. The student has learnt to set up and execute psycho-diagnostic research. This includes cataloguing, analysing and interpreting problems concerning behaviour.
  2. Modification of behaviour. The student has learnt to assess needs for development, education and/or change, and to create a programme aimed at improving functionality. Students learn to modify behaviour methodologically through coaching, training or counselling.
  3. Research. The student has learnt how to set up and execute research, and is able to utilise existing research by trained psychologists for practical purposes.
  4. Counselling. The student has learnt to formulate, on the basis of (problem) analysis, easily understandable recommendations regarding interventions in human behaviour.
  5. Cooperation. The student has learnt to cooperate in the design and execution of psychological services and in the service of professional development.
  6. Professionalisation. The student has learnt to improve their own professional conduct by examining the effectiveness of their practice and reflecting on this and other aspects of their performance.


Toegepaste Psychologiecredits

Keuzesemester 1 jaar 3 30

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Jaar 3-4 60